About Us


WELCOME – Be A Witness

You are welcome no matter who you are or what your journey in life may be.

  • You are invited to join many to share how you are blessed.
  • You are invited to share your insight on enhancing relationships.
  • You are invited to give witness to your moving toward improved living.
  • You are invited to share your concerns.
  • You are invited to seek help.
  • You are invited to become an associate member.
  • You are invited to be a contributor.
  • You are invited to be a sponsor.

LENSES2LIVING MINISTRY, Inc. is an exciting Christian service — a non-profit incorporated organization with the mission of assuring that “All have access to abundant living.” Having life more abundantly is the key mantra for a ministry that shares the inspired witnessing of others. When you reflect on your life and see how far God has brought you, your perspective of abundant living shifts to an attitude of gratitude which is contagious and healing.

LENSES2LIVING MINISTRY,  Inc. is a self-initiating outreach service that utilizes partnering links to social media and connects to ministerial, social, charitable, and other services. The interactive site will include the inspired witness of others to facilitate holistic care to God’s people within a framework of faith, justice, and agape love regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, class, abilities or sexual orientation. Eventually, media conversations will evolve into events such as workshops, study groups, conferences, and other religious functions.

LENSES2LIVING MINISTRY, Inc. provides information on topics by professionals and contributors in various categories (e.g., bereavement, stewardship, economic or social justice issues, development programs, prayer, spiritual and personal development, veterans’ insights, social services, health, etc.) which will address many inquiries. Link Partners are available to other agencies.


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